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First Known Use of gratis If something is done or provided gratis, it does not have to be paid for. David gives the first consultation gratis. Gratis is also an adjective. What I did for you was free, gratis, you understand? Examples of how to use the word gratis in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.

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Among the small channels and troughs in the rocks, iceberg fragments were washing back and forth. It does seem a bit inappropriate though considering the unsinkable ship was sunk by an iceberg all those years ago.: There are so many exciting and widely available varieties of salad greens today that it's time to give iceberg lettuce the heave-ho.: The rice was flavoured with tomato and spices 2013-08-16 How to use gratis in a sentence. gratis. Sentence Examples.

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(skills, knowledge, qualifications) " He understands the basic idea of the plan. (idea, principle) " Typing is a basic requirement for the job.

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Tom säger att han är villig att göra det gratis. - Swedish

Jennifer, clean up your room. Mark, buy apples at the store. Related Links: Examples Grammar Examples What does gratitude mean? The definition of gratitude is a feeling of being thankful and appreciative.

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You can use gratis as a synonym for "free" or "without payment." It can be either an adjective or an adverb. For example, you buy a new smart phone and immediately download several free apps.

5. It is yours,gratis.
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5, He survived in spite of suffering grievous injuries. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. Always late to work but always on time for free alcohol and free food.