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My father and brother insisted on having a party at our home, despite my protests. Another occasion to oblige guests with glasses filled with wine and tea, another occasion for me to put on a performance how boring. is not affiliated with or endorsed by is a Database and Tier List for the Genshin Impact game for PC, Switch, Playstation 4, and mobile game app on iOS and Android. Xingqiu is a melee longsword-wielding Hydro character in Genshin Impact. You can build him using the traditional melee damage build, which consists of stacking ATK on your artifacts, with optional Hydro bonus damage stats on your Goblet.

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2020-10-09 · Xingqiu may not appear to be a particularly powerful party member when you first encounter him, but his skills in battle are just as sharp as his passion for knowledge and justice. Here are all the ingredients you need to make the best Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact. Best Xingqiu Build In Genshin Impact Mona and Xingqiu provide very different support benefits but Xingqiu's benefits are much easier to replace than Mona's. Mona's ability to increase enemy damage taken is such a powerful offensive support ability. I would look elsewhere to replicate Xingqiu's abilities and keep Mona. 1.5k votes, 137 comments. 868k members in the Genshin_Impact community.


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#GenshinImpact #原神”.

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At Constellation level 2, he becomes incredible powerful when paired with a Hydro DPS unit. In a previous version of this Genshin Impact guide, we called Xingqiu a support, though he’s more accurately a sub-DPS, and a top tier one at that. He’s perfect for activating lots of elemental reactions thanks to his ultimate, Raincutter, though we’ll get more into that in a moment. Xingqiu is a character in Genshin Impact. Guide includes skills and build, how to get Xingqiu, voice actor, ascend materials, talents, best team, & weapons!

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Venti is a jack-of-all-trades artistic genius and certified bastard who only knows how to spend money and party hard. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 1.5k votes, 137 comments. 868k members in the Genshin_Impact community. This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest … Xingqiu's elemental burst is called "Rain Cutter" while Chongyun's constellation is called "Cloud Cutter".

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Xingqiu's elder brother, while he was learning the family business from their father, firmly believed that Xingqiu would become a great asset to the business one day. However, little did he know that Xingqiu, after finishing the dauntingly thick volumes on commerce and philosophy, would hollow them out and sneak martial art novels into them, which he read incessantly thereafter. Xingqiu is a Playable Character in Genshin Impact.These playable characters are the various roles that a player can add to their party and take control of in Genshin Impact. Each character in the game is unique from one another, they are different when it comes to the element they harness, the weapon that they use, their appearance, stats, strengths, weaknesses, and many more Xingqiu is the Character in Genshin Impact. A young man carrying a longsword who is frequently seen at book booths.